Always Changing

Just your normal awkward college kid!! I will post random things that mean something to me n yeah.

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Peace out Tumblr.

So I’m deleting both my accounts on here. I am super busy with school and work and building relationships with some awesome people and I don’t want to waste your time or space on the internet! So this is my goodbye if you any of you even read this lol I’m making a lot of changes with my life and so far its working wonderfully! I can’t wait to see what happens next but nothing can bring me down now!

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Be seriously involved with growing, with your own development, and never fear. Be the kind of person who is naturally powerful, positive, ingenious, open, to the highest degree. Be the best. No negativity. No weakness. No acquiescence to fear or disaster. No errors of ignorance. No evasion to reality.

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